Art Professional School

Art Professional School offers educational programs for both current and aspiring art market professionals. Immersed in the Art Trope Gallery and Art Coach companies, each participant aim to gain the business skills necessary  to  successfully develop  the professional careers of Contemporary Artists.

The Global Art Market is as extensive as it is chaotic. It includes creators, curators, sellers and buyers.The sad fact remains that only a minority of the active participants in this market are in a financially stable position. Virginie Tison, founder and Managing Director of Art Professional School, has been an active advocate for contemporary artistic talent since 2008. She was thus confronted with the problem of the inadequate training of those involved in the art market. Indeed, many schools rely on their students’ internships in companies to gain a practical understanding of the arts business, but internships do not fully provide students with an understanding of an operational position and complete know-how for their future careers.

Faced with the harsh economic reality of the art market and the situation of the majority of artists in the world, the founder and curator, Virginie Tison, has been working since 2008 to develop solutions to improve the art market in three steps: Art Coach : Training Business programs for Artists, Art Trope Gallery : « A gallery like no other » with a long-term representation of its artists, and Art Trope Agency : A career development and business agency for artists.

Improving artistic representation has always been a concern, and it is therefore essential to train those involved in the market in the best possible way, namely by immersion in the targeted professions.

Four 3-months training courses in one year to become a professional in the fine arts ecosystem

=> Every art school graduate who wants to become an art professional needs to be well prepared to find a job and therefore needs practical experience and situational context.

=> Every professional in the art world needs ongoing professional development and up-to-date expertise in their art business.

During these trainings, you will integrate the Art Trope Gallery and Art Trope Agency teams under the direction of Virginie Tison from Art Coach.Like a maestro, through a unique participatory experience. you will be led to learn and achieve tasks as part of a caring, passionate and dynamic team. This immersion allows you to become fully operational in no time and the friendly supervision helps you move beyond your comfort zones.

Training Course #1 - Collaboration within Art Trope Gallery's digital communication

3 months - 18 000€ TTC

Collaboration within Art Trope Gallery’s digital communication

1. Social medias (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WeChat, Bilibili)
– define the editorial line and strategy
create designs and texts to communicate on social networks
manage and animate social networks

2. The website and digital platforms
define the structure of a WordPress website and its natural referencing (SEO) strategy
– learn to use WordPress and other digital platforms such as Artsper, Artnet, and so on
– learn to create and write digital articles for the website and newsletters using MailChimp

3. Communicating with the Press
produce press releases and press kits
define strategy and objectives to achieve with the press
manage relations with the various relevant press and media

Training Course #2 - Collaboration within the activities of Art Trope Gallery

3 months - 18 000€ TTC

Collaboration within the activities of Art Trope Gallery

1. Exhibitions at Art Trope Gallery
define the theme and conduct research for writing a cover story
– create the scenography of the artworks and communicate with the artists
– communicate regularly with the press and collectors

2. Introducing new artists and/or guests within Art Trope Gallery
define the agreement and sign a contract
work with the teams to produce a complete file validated by the Artist
– achieve all the online publication of the new artist’s work on the various professional art platforms

3. Planning of exhibitions and Art fairs participation
create the Art Trope Gallery exhibition schedule
– look for opportunities to target art events such as contemporary art fairs
create a scenography according to opportunity and submit the applications

Training Course #3 - Collaboration within Art Trope Gallery on a major Art event

3 months - 18 000€ TTC

Collaboration within Art Trope Gallery on a major Art event

1. Digital marketing strategy
– define the editorial lines and strategy for this Art fair
create designs and texts to communicate on social networks
– create a newsletter in multiple languages and a blog post on the website

2. Getting everything ready for the exhibition
set up logistics
create artist portfolios and cartels of exhibited works
contact and invite the press and collectors

3. Prepare the logistics of the team’s attendance on-site
produce a briefing sheet on each artist and work on display
mount and hang the works on the stand according to the proposed scenography
manage every sale from delivery to invoicing

Training Course #4 - Collaboration within Art Trope Agency activities

3 months - 18 000€ TTC

Collaboration within Art Trope Agency activities

1. Managing the Agency’s artists projects
organize action plans for the Artists on a daily basis
– deliver the services planned by each artist in all areas of activity
– produce activity reports to be sent to your team and to the artist

2. Managing exhibition partners
develop partnerships with exhibition venues according to the tasks assigned
– maintain relationships and plan slots for the Agency
define the annual contractual agreements

3. Managing Institutions and Foundations
develop relations with institutions and foundations according to the tasks assigned
– maintain relationships and plan slots for the Agency
define the annual contractual agreements


Terms of registration

We welcome any person of legal age with a keen interest in the art market and wishing to promote the work of contemporary artists. You will be greeted in an environment of mutual kindness and surrounded by a qualified team led by Virginie Tison, all educators with a passion for the work we do. Discussions will be held in French and English, with one of Virginie Tison`s staff translating into Chinese (Mandarin) to ensure perfect understanding. A good level of French and/or English is essential for you to be able to communicate your assignments. In addition, you have a good knowledge of computer tools such as Windows and/or Adobe suites.

These presential trainings take place in Paris from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (including a lunch break from 12:00 to 1:00 pm) for a total of 35 hours per week. To optimize the outcome of each session, you should be organized, rigorous and methodic. Your motivation to strive for excellence will be your drive. You will be required to have a high-quality computer and cellphone.

The programs run annually during the following periods (except weekends and public holidays in France):

from October 02 to December 29, 2023 included,
from January 02 to March 29, 2024 included
from April 02 to June 28, 2024 included,
from July 01 to September 30, 2024 included,
from October 01 to December 30, 2024 included,
and so on for the following periods.

A minimum of 15 people per course is required, if not we will invite you to join the next course(s). The limit of entries per course is 20 people. Thus it is possible that your registration will be renewed in the following session because of the quota reached. We have limited capacity in our courses and always recommend that students apply at the earliest deadline to have a better opportunity at being accepted into their preferred course.

Your enrollment will only be valid once payment is received 6 months before the course(s) you wish to start. Tuition fees are €18,000 per course. The tuition fees do not include your travel expenses, accommodation, transport, required computer equipment (good and reliable laptop and mobile phone), insurance or meals. In order to confirm your interest and your registration, please fill in the following form in French and/or English: